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Originally the Southern California Chapter was formed by Bodo Winterhelt, the founder of NAVHDA.  The Southern California Chapter was for long time the only NAVHDA chapter in Southern California.

After Bodo left NAVHDA, the chapter started dissolving and other NAVHDA Chapters were established, namely the San Diego Chapter and the Inland Empire Chapter.

Established in 1996 with 4 members, the new Southern California Chapter was formed to offer individuals and families living in Southern California easier access to training and testing opportunities. Prior to the chapter being formed, those folks wishing to network with other dog and hunting enthusiasts had to travel to different locations in California.

Since 1996 we have grown to over 90 members and evolved into a NAVHDA  Chapter with a lot of dogs and dogs owner that have succesfully tested at all levels in NAVHDA testing including NAVHDA Invitational.   

Chapter Philosophy

We are committed to developing dogs of all Versatile breeds to their best testing and hunting potential.

The Southern California Chapter of NAVHDA is a non-profit corporation established as an authorized chapter of NAVHDA and is dedicated to the same goal.

Our member's individual interests in the club vary from people looking to improve the hunting abilities of their dogs without testing, to those whose goal it is for their hunting partner to obtain the elusive and highly prized Versatile Champion. 

We are a group of people who, working together, strive to achieve the best for you and your dog, no matter what level of experience or breed. Our common goal is for every member to broaden their experience and hunting pleasure through greater canine performance and increased camaraderie between man and dog. 

Over the years, we have worked hard to increase the level and quality of activities within our Chapter.

Both novice and experienced handlers alike have benefited from our well-rounded chapter activities, training days, and events. These include testing opportunities, training seminars, and instruction on the effective use of electronic training aids, and veterinary health advice.

After you join the main NAVHDA organization at:  you can become  a member of the Southern California Chapter of NAVHDA  Print and submit the So.Cal. NAVHDA Membership application as instructed.

So.Cal. Member Benefits


1.      Receive Monthly newsletter from February to October.

2.       Have your unlimited webpage site within the website for 10.00$/year.

3.       Access to the Members Forum in the Chapter Website Password: "best dogs" with a space between the two words.

4.       Choose a trainer mentor out of a list of professional and very experienced trainers.

5.       Participate in a monthly training day.

6.       Be first in line to enroll your dog in the Chapter’s NAVHDA Tests before all other NAVHDA national members.

7.      Have access to the So.Cal. NAVHDA Trailer packed with versatile hunting dog training supplies for $20.00 key deposit, refundable if you’ll leave the chapter.

8.      So.Cal. NAVHDA members are covered by NAVHDA liability insurance at the Chapter's sanctioned events.


Become a Member of NAVHDA International!

Follow the above link to become a member of NAHDA International

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